Wednesday, September 6, 2023

MrHonda’s Arsenal of Repair Weapons…

Getting involved in the repairs of vintage Hondas or motorcycles, in general, requires both general and specialized equipment. I thought I would share what kinds of tools I use regularly to do repairs on the vintage Hondas that come my way.

Metric sockets and wrenches:

8-19mm sockets in 3/8” drive and a set of 1/4” drive sets. Deep sets and shallow sets. 6 pt sockets preferred.

10-24mm ½” Drive sockets, ratchets, breaker bars and combination wrenches.

8-19mm socket wrenches. Mine were from Snap-on tools, combining a socket on one end and open end on the opposite end.

Combination metric wrenches with offset, angled heads in stubby and extra long versions.

Spark plug sockets, 5/8,” 18mm, 13/16” 3/8” drive

3/8” and 1/2” drive ratchet with swivel head, also fixed head

Metric Allen wrench set, short and long sets.

Torque wrenches in 3/8” and 1/2” drive sizes up to 100 ft. lbs.

JIS screwdrivers #1, #2, #3.

SAE screwdrivers in Phillips and slot ends.

LONG (24”) #2 Phillips screwdrivers, straight slot screwdrivers

Miniature screwdrivers to remove idle jets from difficult angles or just to get them out of the carb bodies.

Brass hammers, claw hammers, 3 lb sledgehammer.

Snap-ring pliers, external and internal

16×1.5mm rotor removal tool

4 prong sockets in various sizes to remove and install 250-305 crankshaft nuts and oil filter nuts for 90, 125, 150, 350, and 450cc models.

Tapered jet reamers for poking those little idle jets open and can be used to compare unmarked jets with known sizes.

Small scribe tool sets with various angled ends.

Impact drive set with #1, #2, #3 short and long bits

Crescent wrenches in several lengths

Channel-Lock pliers in various sizes

Standard Plier sets

Vise-grip pliers in various sizes.

Pipe wrenches in several sizes

Cold chisel set

Punch set

Single-cut file

Double-cut file

Metric Thread file

Triple-ended ‘propeller” tool for slotted clutch adjusters

Small syringe for transferring water into battery cap openings

Strap wrench, nylon, and steel for oil filters and unscrewing fork seal holders

Various grits of sandpaper/emery cloth

A bench grinder with soft bristle and grinding wheel ends.

Cordless Drill motor kit

Cordless Ratchet in 3/8” drive

Dremel tool set with various grinding wheels, bits and cut-off wheels.

Vacuum tool for brake bleeding

Adjustable float gauge tool

8mm carburetor adjusting tool

Vacuum gauge set for multi-cylinder models.

5.5mm combination wrench for ignition points

Seal drivers

Tire Iron set

Valve adjusting tools

Feeler Gauge sets .0015”- .040”

Optional SAE sockets and wrenches for add-on accessories that are made in America.

LED flashlights in various sizes

Bore Scope to inspect inside cylinders through the spark plug holes.

Air compressor

Pocket Magnets and telescoping ones

Metric tap and die set including a 5x.9 tap.

Digital caliper

1/8” pin punch to tap out float bowl pins.

Large shop vise

Slide hammer set

Long 6mm allen socket bolt for fork seal repairs

Shop manuals…. Digital or paper

Subscribe to forums that specialize in your models

Use online sites with parts lists for quick research to reference the correct part numbers.

Dynamic timing light for running timing checks

12v test light

VOM meter (measure voltage and ohms)

This will get you going pretty well if you are going to do more than one bike repair in your life.

Bill Silver

aka MrHonda


Off-brand 10mm socket wrench.

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